Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Are you someone who dreams of living and working in a place with character, creativity and community?

The Ouseburn Valley could be the place you’re looking for. Over the last twenty years, this area has risen from dereliction, becoming a major hub of creative enterprise with a thriving, diverse social scene. Award-winning eco-buildings sit alongside gems of the Industrial Revolution – there’s nowhere else in Newcastle quite like it!

This exceptional place grew from the efforts and imaginations of individual artists and community organisations like the Ouseburn Trust. And we’re not finished yet – we own a site on Lime Street, right in the heart of the Valley, and we are opening it to collaborative development. That means we’d like to hear from you!
What would you imagine if you could build your own house in the Ouseburn?

This central site could eventually contain six live-work buildings and potentially a community garden or other green space. We have looked into possible development types, and we’d like to use those studies as the starting point for a truly collaborative planning process, involving the people who want to be self-builders, co-developers or tenants.

By visiting this blog, you are in the right place to find out more about the site, the development process, and how to register your interest.

When we build, we bring together communities, not just bricks and mortar.


  1. This seems interesting and timely for the City and the wider region. I'm sure there will be many people and community groups; including community land trusts, co-operatives and CICs; following the level of interest expressed and hoping it may be the start of something of a bigger trend.

  2. This is very interesting indeed, I was wondering how is it developing?